Online Booking & Appointment Management

Booking Calendar Designed for Today’s Business

You can choose among three different bookings methods accordingly with your specific business model.

The MCC Booking calendar is designed for businesses who need to both manage their booking and appointments on the go while giving their clients an alternative to traditional booking methods. MCC Booking works for all service provider industries from a busy hair salon to the neighborhood handyman, you provide a service we can book it.

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Calendar Booking Methods allows you to choose among three different bookings methods accordingly with your specific business model.

Basic Method reservations have the same duration.

Advanced Just one assistant to be select at time and he will be considered busy for the duration of the whole reservation.

High End One or more assistants can be selected for each booked services. And each assistant will be considered busy for the duration of the single service where he has been associated with.



Set specific Provider Booking Rules and Holidays Rules for every single provider in order to control his real and specific availability inside your shop.



Booking Payment Methods gives you full control over the way your customers can make online payments.

Full Payment Or Deposit Method allows for a full upfront online payment or ask for a percentage as a deposit.

Pay Later Methodgives your customers the chance to pay only at the venue. This option can combined with online upfront payment.


  • Back-end calendar
  • Montly view
  • Weekly view
  • Daily view ( NEW IMPROVED VERSION )
  • Bookings export

Salon general settings

  • Email notifications on new reservation
  • Email notification to selected assistant
  • Email reminder for the customers
  • Email followup
  • Email notification custom logo
  • Custom email message to the customers
  • SMS notification on new reservation
  • SMS notification to selected assistant
  • SMS reminder for the customers
  • SMS followup
  • SMS verification code against spam
  • SMS Aplhanumeric ID supported
  • Twilio, Plivo and 1p1sms providers supported
  • set you favourite date and time format
  • set when your week starts
  • WordPress Editors as Salon Administrator

Salon booking rules

  • Three bookings methods BASIC / ADVANCED / HIGH END
  • Booking time range ( from a minimum of .. to a maximum of in advance )
  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • Time range validty option for the weekly booking rules
  • Multiple holidays rules
  • Offset between reservation
  • Change booking form steps order ( Date&time – Services – Assistants – Checkout – Payment or reverse )
  • Manual booking confirmation
  • Users booking cancellation
  • Pause online booking form

Salon payments options

  • Enable online payments
  • Pay later option
  • Enable % deposit
  • Automatic cancellation option for unpaid reservations
  • Hide prices
  • Decimals and thousand separators option
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Custom payment methods supported
  • official add-on for “Mollie”, “Square”, “Worldpay”, “Paystack”, “RedSys” and “Paytrail”

Salon checkout options

  • Enable guest checkout
  • Force guest checkout
  • Limit the number of services bookable at the same time
  • Control form fields
  • Log-in with Facebook account

One-way Google Calendar synchronisation

  • Synchronise reservations on salon administrator’s Google Calendar account

Front-end booking form styling

  • Choose among three different booking form sizes according to your page layout
  • Custom colors palette generator

Assistants settings

  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • Multiple holidays rules
  • Limit reservations to specific services
  • Google Calendar synchronisation
  • SMS notification when he’s booked
  • Email notification when he’s booked

Services settings

  • Price
  • Duration
  • Unit per hour
  • Category grouping
  • Multiple weekly timetable rules
  • No assistant required option
  • Service break ( now you can select up to 3 hours divided in multiples of your average session duration )
  • Conditional “Secondary services”
  • Direct booking link

Customers archive

  • List of customers
  • Details page of each customer with list of his reservations and feedbacks
  • Customer’s bookings statistics


  • Stats on reservations and revenues
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by services
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by assistant
  • Stats on reservations and revenues by customers
  • Email weekly report

Compare & Save

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*MCC Booking Mini site feature is included with a shared SSL certificate. MCC Booking full service website is a avalible for $65/mo

**POS feature is included with a MCC Booking account however POS system may be available by competitor for additional fee.

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